George V. Soule Scholarship

George Soule was a man of many interests, inventor of the cork duck decoy, fly tying businessman, avid duck hunter, and relentless grouse hunter.  He researched old topo maps, looking for abandoned farms in areas all over Maine. Most of these turned out to be class grouse covers and were frequented by George and one of his favored breed of bird dog, American Water Spaniel, throughout the season.  When the Southern Maine Chapter of RGS was formed in 1980, George was among those present, and a history of enduring success followed. He volunteered willingly to serve at various chapter functions, and consequently was honored by having the scholarship bear his name.  

The Ruffed Grouse Society of Maine is pleased to offer a $4,000 scholarship to a deserving student who will be starting their education in one of the following areas of study: Wildlife Conservation, Conservation Law Enforcement, Forest Management or a closely related field that is supportive of the broad goals of the Ruffed Grouse Society at both the regional and national level.  It is imperative that applications be focused on the aforementioned areas of study. If an applicant’s career goals do not reflect Ruffed Grouse Society goals the application will not be considered. Applicants must intend to become a practitioner in one of the above-mentioned fields, preferably in the state of Maine.